Hi Folks welcome to the Cajun Critters C.M.C. Site. Home Back. Next Page. WORKSHOP DANCE’S 2012. May Workshop. Video. Music Track & Artist. June Workshop. August Workshop. 99 Year’s. Man , Woman By Joe Nichol’s. Big Love. The Big One By George Strait. Back Track. Guitars & Cadillac’s. By Dwight Yoakam. Hear My Song. Hear My Song by Bouke. Little R & R. Shy Little Bayou Love. Paris. Mexican Pepper Doll. Little Bit Rock & Roll By Jonathon East. Shy Little Bayou Love By Jolie Holliday. I Want To Do It All By Terri Clark. Hot Pepper Doll By Cerrito. All Good. Disappearing Tail Lights. Little Boogie Woogie. Sick & Tired. Jamacan Love. Eternal Star. It’s All Good By Joe Nichols. Disappearing Tail Lights By Gord Bamford. A Little Boogie Woogie By Foster Martin Band ALTERNATIVE MUSIC FOR ABOVE DANCE I Fell In Love By Carlene Carter. High Time  BY Toby Keith. Jamacan Love(Flamenco Radio Edit By Whitesand. Like A Star By Dj Otzi & The Bellamy Brothers. No July Workshop. Cajun Critters Country Music Club.